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Why use Permitted?

When it comes to safety, there can be no compromise. Permitted is your partner in a commitment to safety.

Permitted is the online portal for end to end management, administration, reporting and compliance of permit allocation.

Permitted provides a protection mechanism to its users to best prevent failure to follow safety best practice.

Permitted's workflow engine automatically ensures compliance and sign off within work permit management. Based on user configurable workflow design, Permitted is designed to capture and require engagement of all parties involved in works that demand adherence to safety.

Permitted provides full reporting access at every stage of the process to show evidence of compliance, alerting, alarming and detailed analysis of historical event data.

Permitted is an online web-based solution accessible from anywhere in the world, anytime. Permitted is fully managed and maintained in house, leaving your business to focus on the core of what it does.

Who is it for?

If you are finding it hard to ensure compliance in the strict regulated nature of work permits, you should consider Permitted.

If you have no ability to report on previous work permits issued and who authorised them, you should consider Permitted.

If you can't report on who is licensed to perform articles of work, you should consider Permitted.

If you rely on a large number of sub-contractors and need to ensure quality and safety, you should consider Permitted.

Permitted is the solution to ensure your work permit process is adhered to with all steps in the process able to be reported on. Permitted improves quality, safety and consistency of work by delegating responsibility to the person performing the work without the traditional loss of control.


  • Improved Safety
  • Improved Permit Management
  • Loss prevention
  • Adherence to licensing


Permitted is always looking for talented PHP Developers.

If you have 5+ years experience developing PHP applications for business, use the link below and get in touch.

Just like PHP, you'll need to have solid experience in JavaScript, CSS and AJAX. Graphics experience is not essential but would be beneficial

Use the Contact page to send us an email introducing yourself.

Standard Modules

Permitted - Permit Management Permit Management 

Permit application to permit approval.
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Permitted - Induction Management Induction Management 

All your inductions online. Offer new, report and audit existing.
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Permitted - Qualification Management Qualification Management 

Qualifications stored online. Set minimum requirements and get reminders when they are expiring.
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